Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Hurt & Pain.

Esentially this is two blog posts combined into one..

Has anyone else ever noticed that pain often only manifests itself when talked about.
This can include both physical and emotional pain, which have both been brought about in me by words alone today.

Sudden Realisation

I do not have a bestfriend, this has always been a lingering thought at the back of my mind. I always knew but it was one of those things I never really thought about. It wasn't until someone else mentioned it (in a facebook post of all things!) that it actually started to bother me.
Is it that I'm not likable? Do I push people away? How many other people notice this? Do people see me as an outcast? Do I even have any true friends?

So many un-answerable questions..

Delayed Reactions

After reading my first post some of you may be a little confused as to why I metioned children throwing stones. Well this was because 2 3 days ago now I was struck in the face by a stone travelling at high velocity via (yep you guessed it) a child's throw.
Well, it's not until now (after speaking about it) that I've actually begun to feel the pain.

Is this normal? Does this mean bruising will start to show? Will the ache stop if I stop thinking about it?
Even more questions...
But at least this kind of pain time will definitely heal.

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